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Sandwich Station improvements completed ahead of The 149th Open in July 2021

Sandwich station
Sandwich station

The 149th Open will be played at Royal St George’s Golf Club in Sandwich from Sunday 11 to Sunday 18 July 2021, following the postponement of the event in 2020.

We carried out improvement work at Sandwich station to increase the station capacity and provide a better experience for the thousands of spectators expected to travel by train for this international sporting event.

This is what we delivered:

Extended both platforms at the ‘Dover end’ of Sandwich station by 80 metres, so they can fully accommodate the 12-carriage trains that will operate during The Open. This also means the 12-carriage trains calling at Sandwich will not straddle the level crossing, causing less disruption to local traffic.

Sandwich station - original platforms 1 and 2
Original platforms 1 and 2
Sandwich station - new extended platforms 1 and 2
New extended platforms 1 and 2

Within the station itself, a new stepped footbridge was added to provide a link between the extended platforms, along with a new walkway from the extension on platform one. This will provide spectators with a more segregated and direct route towards Royal St George's Golf Club which avoids local roads and streets.

Sandwich station - new pedestrian walkway
New pedestrian walkway
Sandwich station new footbridge linking platforms 1 and 2
New Footbridge linking platforms 1 and 2

A new additional entrance was created on platform 1 to assist with the movement of spectators to and from the station. The work is expected to speed up the time it takes to reach the golf course while keeping regular passengers and spectators attending The Open separate to ease passenger congestion at Sandwich station.

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