The MML upgrade programme will allow for greater amounts of freight to be carried on the network, taking the pressure off motorways.

Rail freight is vital to Britain’s economic success. It contributes £870m to the economy and plays a big part in reducing congestion and carbon emissions providing a faster, greener, safer and more efficient way of transporting goods than roads. Each freight train takes about 76 HGVs off the roads.

The Midland Main Line upgrade programme will see track and platform alignment improvements at stations providing enhanced clearance and create a more operationally flexible route for freight services.

As part of the London to Corby electrification and capacity project, the Kettering to Corby capacity project, and the Derby resignalling project, stations will be upgraded to accommodate larger shipping containers by freight operating companies. Bridges are also being reconstructed between Bedford, Kettering and Corby to ensure that they are able to accommodate the overhead electrical wires and larger shipping containers, creating more train paths for freight.