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Completed station and infrastructure upgrades between Kings Lynn and Cambridge allow longer trains to run on the Fen Line  

We have completed upgrade works to extend platforms at Waterbeach and Littleport, and have built a new siding at King’s Lynn to allow longer Great Northern trains to call at all stations on the Fen Line from Sunday 13 December 2020.

The infrastructure between Cambridge and King’s Lynn, can now support eight-carriage train formations calling at all intermediate stations which is a significant boost to space and seats on train services. The work will also mean Waterbeach gets a half hourly service which will be a significant improvement for passengers using the station.

What are the benefits?

The £29m investment, funded by the DfT, to allow eight-car formations to call at intermediate stations will provide:

  • more space and seats for passengers travelling on the Fen Line
  • a half hourly service for Waterbeach passengers
  • Reduce overcrowding on the busy services
  • Support local development and regeneration aspirations along the Cambridge rail corridor.
Waterbeach station platform 2 extension shelter
Waterbeach station platform 1 extension
Waterbeach station platform 2 extension
Waterbeach station platform 1 seating extension
Littleport pedestrainised underpass
Littleport station platform 2 extension shelter
Littleport station platform 2 seating extension
Littleport station platform 1 new ramped access
Littleport station platform 1 new access

Right now, while social distancing remains in place, passenger numbers remain historically low. Providing more space on trains at this time will help passengers feel more confident about travelling on the network and maintain social distancing until passengers return in greater numbers.

This work compliments other significant improvements seen on the Fen Line over recent years to provide better services and improved connectivity for passengers, including the introduction of new air-conditioned Class 387 Great Northern trains and the opening of Cambridge North station, both in 2017.

What work was completed?

Network Rail and its principle contractor VolkerFitzpatrick, delivered a programme of works including:

  • 2 platform extensions at Waterbeach station including seating, shelters, lighting and public address system.
  • 1 platform extension at Littleport station including new seating, a shelter, lighting and a public address system
  • New access to Littleport’s platform 1 via stairs and ramps providing step free access to southbound services
  •  two disabled car parking spaces and a pick up/drop off facility next to Littleport’s Platform 1
  • a new siding just outside King’s Lynn station to stable the eight car trains overnight ready for the first service of the day.

VolkerFitzpatrick started construction works in the autumn 2019. The construction work at Littleport and Waterbeach stations was significantly completed by autumn 2020 and the new siding at King’s Lynn was significantly completed at the end of November 2020 with ancillary works completed by J Murphy and Sons Ltd.

Great Northern will start to operate longer trains on the Fen Line following the December timetable change on Sunday 13 December 2020 and will benefit passengers for years to come.

If you have any questions about the project or concerns about the work being delivered, please visit our Contact Us page or call us directly via our 24/7 national helpline on 0345 711 4141.

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