We’ve installed a new signalling system in the Clacton-on-Sea area to replace the Victorian equipment with modern technology, bringing it into the 21st century.

The new computer-based signals have a replaced a system which used mechanical levers and pullies to change signals and track points to allow trains to switch between tracks. The new system is now controlled from a powered signal box at Colchester.

Alterations have been made to the overhead line equipment and the track layout has been remodelled and updated to cater for a modern railway with powered switches and crossing controlled by the new signals.

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£37m investment – signalling, track, overhead lines, power systems and telecoms

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500m newly laid track – as part of the new track layout to achieve greater reliability and minimise disruption

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12 Renewed Signals – solid state interlocking system with modern LED Signals

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12 Renewed Points – power operated and linked to the new signalling system

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11 New OLE Structures – and OLE infrastructure alterations in line with new layout

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2 New Power systems – for the signalling and points heating equipment

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Modernised Signalling System – to renew the obsolete signalling assets

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Colchester Powered Signal Box – to renew the obsolete signalling assets

Download the Clacton resignalling timeline PDF.

Benefits of the programme

The upgrades have provided a safer, more reliable system and help us reduce faults which cause delays for passengers as they return to the railway. The modern technology supports a more sustainable, efficient railway and helps reduce ongoing maintenance costs as the new equipment is more reliable.

The new signalling system complements Greater Anglia’s new fleet of trains and delivers a better, overall journey experience for passengers.