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Felixstowe Branch Line

As part of our plan to support the growth of the British economy, we’re making improvements to the railway to enable more goods to be transported by freight train.

To help the growth of Felixstowe Port, we need to make improvements to the Felixstowe branch line to enable more trains to run.

The Felixstowe Branch Line serves the Port of Felixstowe, which is the largest container port in the UK. We’re planning to build an additional track and make changes to six level crossings in the Trimley area.

Authorisation to construct the additional track was secured by the Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company in 2008 (by way of the Felixstowe Branch Line and Ipswich Yard Improvement Order 2008 and the Felixstowe Branch Line (Land Acquisition) Order 2014).

Network Rail has submitted a separate Transport and Works Act Order application to enable the relevant powers to be transferred to Network Rail. This application was submitted on 28th September 2016 and is currently being considered by the Secretary of State.

The construction of the additional track will help increase the capacity of the Felixstowe Branch Line and take Lorries off the road.

The Network Rail (Felixstowe Branch Line Land Acquisition) (Agreements for Transfer) Order Submission Documents

Access the Transport and Works Act Order Submission Documents

Anglia felixstowe branchline Proposed changes to level crossings

The Network Rail (Felixstowe Branch Line Improvements - Level Crossings Closure) Order

Proposed changes to the level crossings in the Trimley area

The bridleway bridge is proposed at the existing Gun Lane level crossing. We have designed the bridge with consideration to the environment including local ecology and impact on bats and birds, as well as landscape and visual amenity.

The design has been developed to:

  • Reduce the amount of land required
  • Reduce the ecological impact
  • Reduce visual impact
  • Reduce the time taken to construct
  • Make the bridge suitable and safe for users

We are planning to plant trees in the area around the bridge to help it fit in with the surrounding area.

Click here to view supporting documents for the proposed changes to the level crossings in the Trimley area.

Contact us

If you wish to leave feedback or have any enquiries on this project, you can contact our team via the 24/7 Network Rail helpline or email via:

T: 03457 11 41 41
E: felixstowebranchlineproject@networkrail.co.uk