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Cambridge North station

As part of our Railway Upgrade Plan, we are building a brand new station for Cambridge which is due to open in May 2017.

The new Cambridge North station, located in the Chesterton area, will provide an alternative connection point for commuters in the north of the city as well as improved access and journey times for passengers. The station is due to open in May this year and will be managed by our train operating partner, Greater Anglia. Funded by the Department for Transport and developed by Network Rail in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council, the station will serve Cambridge Science and Business Parks, and the suburb of Chesterton. 

The key to unlocking growth

The station will support the economic growth of Cambridge by attracting commercial and residential development to the surrounding area, making new employment opportunities more accessible to those living along the line. For example, the neighbouring CB4 development scheme is expected to bring additional housing, offices and retail to Chesterton.

Alleviating congestion

Once open, the station is anticipated to handle 3,000 passenger journeys a day. However, with its easily accessible location, next to the A14 and A10, combined with its three platforms, parking for 450 vehicles and 1,000 cycles, the station will help to alleviate congestion on the roads and platforms of Cambridge City.

Modern and sustainable

The modern design of the station is made apparent by the eye-catching aluminium cladding, which has been perforated into the pattern known as the ‘Game of Life’ - created by Cambridge University lecturer, John Conway. Other modern features include the solar panels which will generate up to 10% of the station’s power.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Cambridge North station, please contact us by visiting our contact us page or by calling our 24-Hour National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41.