Anglia track renewals

We’re renewing sections of track and track components across Anglia for a safer and more reliable railway

Our modern engineering trains known as the High Output trains  have been operating along the Anglia route since June 2018 as part of our Railway Upgrade Plan. This work involves renewing the track as well as components including ballast and sleepers.

The High Output Ballast Cleaner System (BCS)

By using our High Output trains to deliver these works we are reducing the amount of time the railway needs to be closed than would normally be required under the traditional method, reducing the impact on both lineside neighbours and passengers.

There are two types of High Output trains which are used along the Anglia route, the Ballast Cleaner System (BCS) and the Track Renewal System (TRS). The BCS and TRS will be will continue to be deployed across the Anglia route into 2019.

Since starting work in June 2018, the BCS has covered a distance of 19,923 yards of ballast cleaning, laid 38,500 tonnes of new ballast and 25,750 of recycled ballast. The TRS has installed 12,790 yards of new track which includes 18,000 new sleepers. In addition we have removed 1300 tonnes of scrap rail which is to be recycled. Using these engineering trains to renew the track and its components, we avoid the need of imposing speed restrictions which are implemented when renewing the track in the traditional method. This results in a more efficient and reliable service for passengers with fewer disruptions.

Further dates and times for 2019 can be found below*.

*Dates and times are subject to change.

TRS works August - November 2018

BCS works June - December 2018

BCS works January - March 2019

The BCS at work

The TRS at work

However, these trains will generate some noise and may cause some disturbance. We apologise in advance for any disturbance this may cause you.

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