Waterloo and South West upgrade

We’re investing to bring you more platforms, longer trains and better journeys down the line

This summer, between 5 and 28 August inclusive, fewer South West Trains services will run while work starts to extend platforms at London Waterloo. This will allow longer trains with more seats and more space for passengers.

The impact on your journey will vary depending on when and where you travel but as fewer trains will be running your journey might be changed in the following ways, even if you are not travelling into London:

  • The majority of stations will have fewer train services.
  • Services and stations will be busier than usual, especially in the morning and evening peaks on weekdays.
  • Some journeys are likely to take longer.
  • There will be queuing systems outside some stations.
  • A small number of stations will be closed.
  • Other operators’ services will also be busier while passengers take alternative routes, including London Underground.

Please plan ahead by visiting the South West Trains web page dedicated to the Waterloo and South West Upgrade to obtain more detailed information about changes to your journey.  

During the part closure of Waterloo station, we are doing everything we can to make your journey smoother and plan ahead, including making your journey better and reduce the inconvenience to your journey. We're:

  • running longer trains throughout the day to provide more space and help you travel outside of the busiest times
  • temporarily opening platforms 20-24 (the former Waterloo International Terminal) to reduce some of the impact of closing platforms 1-9
  • continuing to provide information in advance to help you plan your journey
  • working round-the-clock to finish the works as quickly as possible.

Find out which stations are affected during the works between 5-28 August 2017

More information is available at South West Trains website.

Below, you will find more information on the improvements these works will provide for our passengers.

Across the network, the Waterloo and South West Upgrade will bring:

  • longer platforms for longer trains, at a number of stations on the Reading line
  • 30 brand new trains, providing 150 extra carriages, between London Waterloo and Windsor
  • new technology to make trains more efficient and improve punctuality
  • improvements to depots and maintenance facilities to look after the network’s biggest ever fleet of trains.

This is the biggest investment to this railway for decades. It will provide a bigger and better London Waterloo, with improved facilities, and also provide space for 30 per cent more passengers during the busiest times of the day. This investment will also pave the way for providing more space and journeys for longer distance passengers in the near future.

What is the Waterloo and South West Upgrade?