Upgrades to two level crossings in Dingwall will be completed this month.

The upgrades will see full barriers installed to further improve safety for train passengers, pedestrians and motorists.

Dingwall Middle crossing is protected by a single barrier on each carriageway. Dingwall No.1, on Craig Road, is an open crossing, with no barriers. Both have been subject to trespass incidents and close calls.

The crossings are in the process of being upgraded to full barrier crossings, which include traffic lights, two single lane barriers on each side of the crossing (4 barriers in total) and an object detection system which scans the crossing to check it is clear.

Advance work to both crossings was carried out during the summer. The final installation and testing work require road closures. The closure of Dingwall Middle is underway, with Dingwall No. 1 to follow immediately afterwards.

  • Dingwall Middle (Newton Road, Dingwall): Sunday, October28, to Monday, November 12, at 05:00.
  • Dingwall No.1 (Craig Road, Dingwall): Monday, November 12, at 05:00 to Monday, November 26, at 05:00.

David Dickson, Infrastructure Director, said: “These level crossing upgrades represent a significant improvement for rail and road safety in Dingwall.  Our consultation work with the local community earlier this year indicated support for these improvements and we look forward to completing the work.”

Train services will not be affected.