Members of the public are being warned to stay off the railway as new high voltage equipment goes live on the line between Stalybridge and Manchester Victoria.

A new power supply has been installed to support the ongoing introduction of electric trains across the North West as part of the Great North Rail Project – providing passengers with better, more reliable journeys. 

Now the electricity has been switched on, residents in the area are being reminded to never trespass on the tracks as the new equipment – which carries 25,000 volts of electricity – poses an even greater risk to life and limb now it is live.

Joe Haynes, scheme project manager at Network Rail, said: “Safety is our priority and we are informing local people about the new equipment which is used to supply power to the North West’s rail network.

“Once installed, the cables are always switched on – even when there are no trains passing. It carries 25,000 volts of electricity, which can be fatal. Our message is simple – never trespass on the railway for any reason.”

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