Passengers were moving again today on the West Coast main line after overnight repairs to damaged electric wires were completed.

Engineers finished their work at South Kenton in the small hours of this morning before declaring the railway open.

James Dean, route director for the West Coast Mainline South route, said: “I am very pleased to say the railway through Kenton and North Wembley is fully operational again.

“To all passengers affected by this problem in recent days, including by yesterday’s overrun, sorry again for the disruption you’ve had to put up with.

“And thank you for bearing with us. We will learn from this and strive to do better in future.”

On Saturday 1,000 metres of overhead electric wires were brought down at South Kenton.

Repairs on Sunday night into Monday saw a large part of the repairs completed.

Work resumed on Monday night and had been planned to finish at 0600 on Tuesday.

But at 0200 yesterday engineers discovered more extensive damage than had previously been detected.

This led to unforeseen disruption to passengers. For more on this, please visit: