Network Rail’s Reading station team have shown their appreciation for hard-working NHS staff across the country by creating a colourful stair display inside the station.

The display features a blue heart with the words ‘NHS’ and ‘Thank You’ as a tribute to all NHS staff for their incredible efforts during the coronavirus crisis.

The huge blue heart is situated on the staircase near to the main entrance, covering more than 44 steps.

Its prominent position in the station means NHS staff who continue to use the railway to travel to and from work will be able to see it, acting as a constant reminder of the appreciation for their efforts.

Andy Phillips, Network Rail’s Reading station manager, said: “We are so proud of all NHS workers who are doing so much during the current crisis.

“The whole Reading station team wanted to show its support to the NHS as well as other key workers.

“Many of those workers are still using the station so we hope this reminds them of just how appreciated they are.”