Network Rail has developed a safety video to bring its safety education programme to schools and communities across Anglia as lockdown measures begin to ease.

This is a busy time of year for Network Rail’s safety team to get important safety messages out to schools across the region, ahead of the summer months when trespass incidents typically increase. Becky Crocker, community safety manager for Anglia, would usually visit schools in person, however, the current restrictions prevent this from happening, and schools are unlikely to ease restrictions on visitors when they reopen.

In order to continue to get important safety messages across, Becky now stars in a video which will be shown to students at schools across Anglia until it is safe for her to visit again.

Becky Crocker, Network Rail’s community safety manager for Anglia, said: “The safety of people on and around the railway is our priority and those who deliberately trespass fail to understand the real dangers. That’s why its so important that our safety messages get out to schools and communities across Anglia, especially ahead of the summer when we see more incidents. While I can’t do this in person right now, this video is the next best thing to warn people to stay off the tracks and stay safe.”

Inspector Stephen Webster from British Transport Police, said: “The railway is the safest way to travel in the UK and we welcome all our young travellers. The BTP supports Network Rail in making sure that people stay safe when using the railway and at crossings and stations. Every year sadly there are too many incidents involving young people which can end up with them hurting themselves and my officers never want to have to attend these. Trespassing and taking shortcuts are never worth it, the risks are too high. Let's keep the railway safe for everyone.”

Please remember:

  • Keep behind the yellow line
  • Follow all safety signs
  • Never trespass or go on the tracks
  • Keep away from all the power lines and rails

Although trespassing on the railway is illegal, there has been over 1,000 incidents of trespass across the country since the lockdown began. When Network Rail is notified of trespassers, all trains in the area are stopped to ensure that everyone is kept safe. This causes delays and cancellations which can have a knock-on effect for hours after the train service is reinstated. Trespass on the railway is also a criminal offence and can lead to a fine or imprisonment. 

The video also features messages from the uncompromising You vs Train campaign, on which Network Rail has worked in partnership with British Transport Police since 2018. Initially targeting young people and their parents, the campaign aims to educate on the devastating and wide-reaching consequences of trespass.

The campaign has proven to be a catalyst for positive behaviour change in young people, with youth trespass levels showing an encouraging decline of 30% in high priority locations.

The public can also help to keep the railway safe by contacting Network Rail’s 24-hour helpline on 03457 114141 to report any locations where trespassers are gaining access to the tracks.