Members of the public whose daily exercise involves using level crossings are urged to take extra care this week as rail services have increased.

Network Rail has seen an increase in the use of footpath level crossings as people take advantage of the nice weather and take a walk or cycle ride for their daily exercise. Those who use level crossings while exercising are urged to do so with extra caution this week as lines are busier and train timings may have changed. Train services have increased  after travel restrictions were eased by the Government.

Level crossing users are also reminded to close gates and keep children close by and dogs on a lead when crossing and parents should also make their children aware of the dangers. Cyclists should always dismount before walking their bike across.

When using a level crossing, pedestrians should:

  • Concentrate – it’s easy to get distracted, especially by phones, music and conversation.
  • Stop, look and listen. Follow signs and instructions.
  • Check both ways before crossing – if there is a train coming, don’t cross.
  • Understand the warnings (lights, barriers, alarms). 
  • Cross quickly, keeping children close and dogs on a lead.

Becky Crocker, Network Rail’s community safety manager for Anglia, said: “It’s great that everybody's enjoying their daily exercise and we want to help people do this safely. Up until now, people may not have seen a train on their daily walk but level crossings that were quiet last week will be busier this week, so it’s important to follow the instructions and double check before you cross. Don’t take any chances and stop, look, listen.”

Information about crossing safely can be found here: