Visitors to this week’s Royal Norfolk Show (26-27 June) took part in fun activities that had a serious message highlighting the dangers found on the railway.

A mock-up of a footpath level crossing provided an opportunity for people of all ages to learn how to cross the railway safely.

During the two-day event, hundreds of people tried the crossing and Network Rail staff were on hand to answer questions, to demonstrate how to use level crossings safely and what to look out and listen for when using a crossing.

The event – which attracts thousands of visitors – is an ideal opportunity to allow everyone to learn about the dangers associated with the 835 level crossings we have on the Anglia route in a safe and controlled environment.

It also helps to raise the profile of our You vs Train campaign to keep young people safe when using level crossings. The campaign launched last year by the rail industry and British Transport Police saw incidents involving children reduce by 12%, but young people continue to put themselves at high risk.

Responding to the challenge, the industry’s railway trespass group has this year launched a new phase of You vs Train forming partnerships with the English Football League Trust and StreetGames to drive the rail safety message home with hard-to-reach young people.

Jason Burman, level crossing manager for Network Rail Anglia, said: “The railway environment is extremely dangerous and trains, which can be very quiet, travel at speeds of over 100mph. It is important that people are aware of this and do not put their lives at risk by misusing level crossings or trespassing onto railway lines.

“Our aim is to keep everyone safe on the railway and the Norfolk Show provided us with a great opportunity to talk to people of all ages – particularly young people and children – about how to stay safe in a fun and interactive way.”