Members of the public continue to trespass across Tackley station, putting their own lives at risk for the sake of seconds

Network Rail and British Transport Police are extremely concerned at the number of people continuing to risk their lives by trespassing on the railway at Tackley station in Oxfordshire, despite a new footbridge having been installed as recently as April.

Shocking images captured on CCTV have shown people gambling with their lives for the sake of a few seconds, choosing to leave the platform and walk across the track rather than use the footbridge which was opened when a level crossing by the station was closed to improve safety.

The worrying images include one male who carried his bike over the tracks just seconds before a Crosscountry train hurtled through the station. Trains travel through Tackley at speeds of up to 90mph with a stopping distance of more than a mile.

Extra signs to warn people of the dangers of trespassing have been put up in Tackley, reminding passengers to be careful – especially with the number of services on the railway beginning to gradually increase.

The footbridge will eventually be replaced by a subway, which will be wheelchair accessible, with Network Rail expecting to share its plans with the community in the coming months.

Mike Gallop, Network Rail’s Western director, said: “It is shocking to see people risk their lives just to save a few seconds, especially when a new footbridge is just metres away.

“Trains travel through Tackley at an immense speed so they have no chance of stopping in time if people are trespassing. Stay off the tracks, it is simply not worth the risk.”

Tackley Village Parish Council added: “We are committed to the safety of our villagers and all who use our station and new footbridge.

“It is very regrettable that a few people seem to think they can ignore the safety rules and trespass on the railway lines.

“We shall do all we can to try and stop this, not only because of potential loss of life, but for the significant impact that accidents can have on train drivers, rail passengers and the community.”

Embedded Inspector Darren Burridge at the British Transport Police commented: “Each year, hundreds of people take risks on and around the railway, resulting in tragic consequences and life-changing injuries.

“We are continuing to proactively patrol the railway network across the UK. Safety is our number one priority and we’re reminding everyone of the importance of taking care around the railway and that everyone loses when you step on the track.”