Work to reinforce a steep railway embankment is now complete to make future journeys on the railway between Barrow-in-Furness and Lancaster more reliable.

Half a million pounds has been invested to strengthen the land beside the railway at Holmrock on the Furness Line to the south of the Kent Viaduct.

The Great North Rail Project saw the slope strengthened and a new piled retaining wall built to protect the track from future movement.

Tony Butler, route asset manager for earthworks at Network Rail, said: “This vital upgrade as part of the Great North Rail Project will keep important Northern passenger services running safe and reliably on this section of the Furness line.

“The work involved making the embankment shallower and the building of a retaining wall to keep the track in place. The work was all carried out without closing the railway.”

The work began in January and was completed by the end of March.

The project took place overnight at weekends while trains were not running so passenger services were not affected.