Fulton MacGregor Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Coatbridge & Chryston, visited Coatdyke viaduct to view progress being made by Network Rail engineers to refurbish and strengthen the railway structure which forms the border of his constituency.

The structure over the town’s Centenary Avenue is being repaired as part of a wider programme of work to renew and refurbish bridges all across the country as part of Network Rail’s UK wide Railway Upgrade Plan.

The £1m investment by Network Rail is being delivered during a two- month road closure and will see strengthening bars installed and masonry repairs being done across the 10 spans of the viaduct.

Because much of the work is off the operational railway, a large part of it can be delivered during day-shift by abseilers suspended from the structure – with the road below closed to create and exclusion zone so the work above can be delivered safely.   On completion, it will help ensure the structural integrity of the viaduct for the foreseeable future.

Fulton MacGregor MSP said: “Obviously the scale of the work and the road closure is inconvenient for the local community and I have been in contact with Network Rail to encourage then to do what they can to accelerate progress and get the road re-opened again as quickly as possible.

“Visiting site today has given me a chance to see first-hand the progress being made and some of the challenges the team face as they deliver this important work to strengthen and protect what is both an important local landmark and crucial part of our transport network. It is very impressive to see the expertise involved in delivering this work


“I would like to thank the local people for their continued patience as work progresses.”

Suzanne McKay, Network Rail’s scheme project manager, said: “The repairs to the bridge are necessary for the ongoing integrity of the structure but will also service to improve the aesthetic appearance of the viaduct.

“While we understand that the road closure is disruptive for local people in the short term, it is an important step to ensuring that the work is delivered safely.

“We appreciate the cooperation of the local community while we carry out this important work.”

Work is on track to complete and Centenary Road re-open on November 9.