Glasgow Queen Street

Engineers have completed work to install the 310 glass panels on Glasgow Queen Street station’s new frontage.

Covering an area of 734m2, the 21m-high floor-to-ceiling glazing will bring to life the striking design of the new exterior of Queen Street, from both inside and outside the station.

Completion of the glazing marks another milestone in the £120m transformation of Scotland’s third busiest station.

Inside Queen Street, engineers are also continuing with work to lengthen platforms 4 and 5 by 26m to allow new eight-carriage electric trains to use them.

Network Rail project manager Joe Mulvenna said: “The redevelopment of Queen Street will deliver a new landmark building for the city and with the completion of the front glazing passengers can really begin to see just how much their station has been transformed.

“Our engineers are working hard around-the-clock to complete this project for Scotland’s Railway.”

Once complete in spring 2020, the redevelopment will revitalise the station, delivering a contemporary building with an expanded concourse almost double the size of the old station, with fully-accessible entrances on Dundas Street and George Square.

The redevelopment is part of the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) – a Scottish Government-funded investment in the railway infrastructure across central Scotland delivered by Network Rail Scotland.

Glasgow Queen Street station opened in 1842 with the Victorian glass roof, which is now a category A listed structure, constructed three decades later and completed in 1878.