Passengers at Euston station are benefiting from better toilet facilities following an eight-week, £110,000 renovation programme.

The new facilities showcase a heritage theme ‘Euston through the ages' as well as looking to the future. Images were sourced with help from the National Railway Museum in York as well as from Network Rail’s archive.

The facilities benefit from a special anti-bacterial ceramic coating. This will improve hygiene in line with Government Covid-19 guidance.

Joe Hendry, station manager at London Euston, said: “I'm pleased we could do this work to improve passenger experience and public hygiene at the station. 

“The new facilities and heritage pictures showing Euston through the ages are great and I hope passengers like the changes as much as I do. At the moment though, I'd urge passengers to only make essential journeys and wear face coverings if they do travel.” 

As the coronavirus lockdown eases, the improved facilities will help manage the demands of increased passenger numbers. Euston is the sixth busiest station in Britain serving over 46 million passengers annually.

During the challenging coronavirus pandemic we have supported small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Contracts for this work were awarded to Jamiesons and Frost Branding Solutions.

A £2.75 million package of additional enhancements are planned over the next year to further improve the passenger experience at Euston.