Essential work to reinforce the embankment and protect the tracks on the Sudbury branch line has been carried out to prevent delays and cancellations to the rail service.

Network Rail’s engineers were alerted to the embankment slipping between Wakes Colne and Bures stations at the beginning of the year, caused by heavy rainfall. A temporary support was put in place while engineers worked up a long-term solution to prevent damage to the tracks. The area is also home to many badgers and the work was designed in a way to prevent disturbing the setts.

Engineers worked over eleven weeks to remove spoil, support the embankment and build a gabion wall, using nearly 200 tonnes of aggregate, which was completed this month. The drainage system was also cleared and new parts fitted to allow better drainage in the future.

The work will prevent the embankment slipping further onto the tracks which would cause damage and lead to long-term cancellation of train services.

Ellie Burrows, Network Rail’s route director for Anglia, said: “This crucial work will prevent delays and cancellations for passengers using this line. Our engineers have worked hard to avoid closing the line while they carried out the repairs, while also preventing a far worse situation.”