Network Rail has joined forces with renowned street artist Lionel Stanhope and the Barnes Community Association to brighten up the walkway underneath an historic station in South West London.

Grade II listed Barnes Bridge, which links the London Boroughs of Richmond Upon Thames and Hounslow, has long been a famous landmark but many local residents felt that walking under it felt it could be a less than ideal experience. 

Now with the help of Network Rail, a mural has been completed which features local wildlife such as hedgehogs which are thriving in Barnes and a crane which can often be found in the nearby Barnes wetland centre.

It also features the logo of a ‘shop local’ campaign which is managed by the Barnes Town Team.

The mural is intended to make the area more attractive and help visitors by pointing them in the right direction for the local attractions such as White Hart Lane and Barnes.

This the second mural funded by Network Rail Wessex following the completion of the mural in Worcester Park, Surrey in September.

Mark Killick, Network Rail Wessex Route Director, said: “Murals are a way to bring positivity to the local community.

“We own bridges and other structures across the South and not only do these murals make them much nicer to look at, but they also encourage people to respect and look after them.

“We’re always open to creative ways to make our railway look better and more welcoming for the neighbourhood.”

Raphael Zachary-Younger from the Barnes Community Association, said: “We are proud of the art that Lionel Stanhope has created, and we want to thank Network Rail for their support.

“We want to use this space to welcome visitors to the area and to signpost them to the attractions in Barnes. I hope that it gives people a sense of pride to everyone living in the area.”

Artist of the mural, Lionel Stanhope, said: “This was a great mural for me to paint. It was designed by a local resident and has received a very positive response from everyone who passed. For a long time this has been a dreary bridge for people walking under but I don't think that's the case now with the bright colours realling making a positive impact.”

The mural will complement a map which will soon be installed at the station which will help to direct visitors to local attractions.