Tonnes of rubbish and brambles were cleared today to create a useable green space for local people in Watford.

Network Rail volunteers teamed up with residents to clean up the Copsewood Road community garden beside the West Coast main line.

Ali Brine, a Copsewood Road community garden user, said: “Having everyone here at one time enabled us to make safe and clear this area of rubbish and brambles. This job was too big for just a few of us. Now we can visualise how we will use this wooded area in future. And now more people can access and enjoy this wonderful green space. We’re also pleased that wildlife will continue to thrive here.” 

Gabriella James, Network Rail maintenance protection co-ordinator for Watford, added: “A whole squad of us from Network Rail used one of our volunteer days to turn this overgrown, litter-strewn area into a clean, safe, useable space for local people. We’re really excited to see how the Copsewood Road community garden develops in future.”

The Network Rail volunteers consisted of the London North Western communications team and members of the Euston area maintenance team.