Network Rail is advising people who are using the disused Leven railway corridor to ‘be aware’ as activity increases ahead of work to reinstate the line.

In the years since the line closed, the area has been used by local people for walking, running, fishing and nature watching as it is flat, vehicle-free and offered good views of, and access to, the river, even though the line has always been classed as operational railway.

However, with the preparatory work well underway ahead of the reconstruction of the railway, Network Rail is urging caution and are asking people to be extra careful if they continue to use the area due to the increasing number of vehicles and site activity.

To flag the increased risk to the public, signs have been positioned across the nine-kilometre rail corridor. 

Engineers have already carried out vegetation clearance and site survey and geological investigations (SIGI) to inform the development of the project is ongoing. Further survey and inspection work will be happening as the rail corridor and surrounding area begins to gear up for major construction activity later in the year.

Tom McPake, Project manager for the Levenmouth rail link project said; “We understand that over the years, the disused railway has been used by people exercising, enjoying nature and accessing the river.

“While we do not want to prevent anyone from doing these things just yet, we want to ensure that they can continue to do so safely.  There will be more vehicles, more workers and more activity with railway plant and vehicles moving along the railway corridor. It’s for this reason we are encouraging people to be careful.

“While we would ask people to avoid using the area if they can, we would advise them to be extra vigilant if they continue to do so.”

Network Rail is encouraging anyone with any questions about the project to email or call our 24-hr helpline on 03457 11 41 41.  You can find out more by visiting