Paddington Station 24/7 – new documentary series

The first episode of a new, eight-part series, Paddington Station 24/7, starts Monday 11 September on Channel 5 at 9pm.

The series will follow railway workers on the Great Western Mainline as they deal with the biggest modernisation for generations, major incidents, terror attacks, huge sporting events, as well as the day-to-day challenges of running one of Britain's busiest stations.

Frank Granger, customer service assistant at Paddington Station, fondly refers to the station as his “mansion”

Frank features in the first episode which goes behind the scenes as he was on duty at Paddington during the terror attack at London Bridge on Saturday 3 June. With everyone on high alert, the Channel 5 documentary filmed Frank and his team as they vowed to protect passengers. The episode shares the challenges faced by staff as they also prepared for thousands of football fans on specially organised late night trains from Cardiff following the UEFA Champions League Final.

Frank expressed pride in his team following the night they were filmed.

Every day is different, but the night of the terror attack coupled with the Champions League Final was like no other.


It was a night of high intensity but I am proud of the way everyone who worked at the station pulled together and ultimately got thousands of extra passengers home safe on a night when many were on edge.


Frank Granger, customer service assistant at Paddington Station

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