Network Rail wins safety awards

Network Rail’s Infrastructure Project’s Track team has been awarded three Safety Swords of Honour by the British Safety Council (BSC).

This is the third year running IP Track have been awarded a Sword of Honour and Network Rail was one of 61 organisations worldwide that achieved the prestigious Sword of Honour from the BSC. These are awarded to companies that have demonstrated excellence in the management of health and safety risks at work.

The Safety Swords of Honour will be presented on 30 November 2018 to three of the four track delivery teams: High Output, Switches and Crossings North and Switches and Crossings South.

To compete for the Sword of Honour IP, Track had to achieve the maximum five stars in the BSC’s health and safety management audit scheme between August 2017 and July 2018. The team also had to demonstrate excellence in health and safety management throughout the business, from boardroom to track-side, to an independent panel of experts.

The BSC audit team also validated the compliance with improved safety processes which has led to IP Track’s 70% reduction in lost time injury frequency rates.

Steve Featherstone, programme director IP Track, said: “It is the significant reduction in injuries and improved focus on safety which I am particularly proud of.”

BSC auditors verified IP Track standards and procedures, which covered best practice indicators in the following areas: leadership, stakeholder engagement, risk management, organisational health and safety culture and continuous improvement.

The process took four weeks and audited all four key delivery teams. There was a marked improvement in the Switches and Crossings North, Switches and Crossings South and High Output teams’ scores.

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