Tender opportunities

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Understanding, and providing others with visibility of, our future procurement requirements is important as it gives us:

  • the basis on which to plan our business and support the planning of our own supply chains
  • the ability to recruit, train, develop and retain staff with the skills necessary to support our demands
  • the ability to support investment decisions in plant and equipment, and promote innovation.

The Government’s National Infrastructure Plan 2011 included the objective “to create better visibility and continuity of the infrastructure investment pipeline” to support the goal of economic growth.

To make sure this happens, we’re giving supply markets a clear picture of our infrastructure investment plans by publishing contract opportunities more frequently and in a consistent format.

The schedules below set out the current bidding opportunities, and are intended to be useful for direct suppliers and throughout the supply chain.

Upcoming tenders and award works

We update our schedules every four weeks:

Procurement Pipeline Work Schedule (Excel)

Current tender opportunities

You can see our current tender opportunities on the procurement portal, BravoNR.

The following schedule includes tenders for our national supply chain, such as:

  • infrastructure materials (rail, sleepers, ballast, switches and crossings)
  • heavy on-track plant (rail grinders, rail delivery and engineering trains)
  • collection, road haulage and safe disposal services.

Tender Opportunities (Excel)

Invitation to tender and contract award scorecard

We’re developing and refreshing the data used to produce our procurement key performance indicators (KPI) report, so we’ve temporarily taken it down from our website while we make these improvements. The updated report will be more aligned with the Integrated Work Schedule and allow us to forecast more accurately. We plan to publish it in the New Year.

Transport for London – London Underground opportunities

We’re working with Transport for London – London Underground to provide greater visibility of our respective tendering opportunities and workbank planning to our supply chains. Find contract opportunities at Transport for London – London Underground

IP Track CP5 and CP6 workbank

We’re committed to increasing transparency with our track supply chain partners, and so we’re sharing the workbanks for the remainder of Control Period 5 (CP5, 2014-19) and for Control Period 6 (CP6, 2019-24 latest delivery plans) for each of our delivery teams: High Output, Plain Line and S&C.

Glossary of Infrastructure Projects (IP) Track work code descriptions (Excel)

Plain Line CP5 and CP6 Workbank Schedule – April 2018

High Output CP5 Workbank Schedule – March 2018

Switches and Crossings CP5 and CP6 Workbank Schedule – April 2018

We publish the PL and S&C schedules every month and the HO schedules each quarterly to provide our suppliers and supply chain with high-level information on the deployment of teams across our national, regional and major programmes of work.

Contacts for our supply chain partners:

Babcock: Fraser Sim

Amey: Richard Kitchen

Colas: David Watts

Supply chain strategy

Our supply chain strategy (PDF) outlines how we will collaborate with and engage our supply chain to deliver the volumes of work required for CP5 (2014-19). It also provides high-level information on the contracting strategies for national, regional and major programme work banks.


For any questions, please contact the individuals listed against the specific tender within the schedules.