Standard suite of contracts

It is our intention to always engage our contractors and suppliers on the basis of standard contracts

These contracts were developed following discussions with various industry bodies and many issues raised were incorporated in the final drafting.

We believe our standard suite of contracts reflect a sensible allocation of risk and responsibility between the parties and that these contracts will save management time for us and our suppliers and contractors when setting up and managing contracts.

Our contracts

Contract No.Contract DescriptionCurrent Version No.Date of Issue
NR(IT)1IT Solutions & System Integration Services (Stand Alone Agreement)2.001/03/2019
NR(IT)2IT Solutions & System Integration Services (Framework Agreement)2.001/03/2019
NR(IT)3IT Solutions & System Integration Services (Short Form Agreement)2.001/03/2019
NR(IT)4Not Used
NR01(S)Goods (PO)1.1123/07/2018
NR02Non Construction Services1.1412/12/2018
NR02(S)Non Construction Services (PO)1.1523/07/2018
NR02(S) (HS)Non Construction Services (PO) in HS11.523/07/2018
NR02(MT)Non Construction Services (Measured Term)1.112/12/2018
NR02(HS)Non Construction Services in HS11.1212/12/2018
NR03Construction Services3.1412/12/2018
NR03(MT)Construction Services (Measured Term)1.912/12/2018
NR03(HS)Construction Services in HS11.1212/12/2018
NR04Short Form Works2.1707/05/2019
NR04(S)Short Form Works (PO)1.803/04/2018
NR04(MT)Short Form Works (Measured Term)2.1707/05/2019
NR04(HS)Short Form Works in HS12.1412/12/2018
NR04(HS)(MT)Short Form Works (Measured Term)1.612/12/2018
NR04(S)(HS)PO Simple Works1.512/12/2018
NR05Not Used--
NR06Hire of Plant3.1112/12/2018
NR06(S)Short Term Hire of Plant (PO)1.323/07/2018
NR07Op & Maintenance of On-Track Plant2.1512/12/2018
NR07(HS)Op & Maintenance of On-Track Plant in HS12.1412/12/2018
NR08ICC Measurement 4.201/05/2019
NR09ICC D&B4.201/05/2019
>NR10JCT D&B3.112/12/2018
NR11NOT USED23/07/2018
NR12ICC D&B Target Cost4.201/05/2019
NR12(A)ICC Build Target Cost4.201/05/2019
NR13(A)Framework - Goods1.1223/07/2018
NR13(B)Framework - Services1.1223/07/2018
NR(13C)Framework - Works1.1223/07/2018
NR14JCT Build3.112/12/2018
NR15MF2 (rev 1) Goods2.1423/07/2018
NR16Contingent Labour2.623/07/2018
NR17Not Used--
NR18Manufacture, Overhaul, Refurb & Service Plant1.1112/12/2018
NR18(MT)Manufacture, Overhaul, Refurb & Service Plant (Measured Term)1.812/12/2018
NR20Concession Agreement123/07/2018
NR21Project Alliance Agreement1.123/07/2018

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