Materials quality assurance

How we make sure the materials we use meet high quality standards

Our Materials Quality Team (MQT) provides customer-focused Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) activities and materials engineering technical expertise, supporting the materials business units within Route Services.

We provide the following services:

  • SQA for new and existing critical products supplied to the business (components and systems, rail, switches and crossings, aggregates, sleepers, materials and recycling)
  • critical supplier audit assurance covering 150,000 products in signalling, electrification and power, track, switches and crossings, and telecoms disciplines
  • responsive materials quality support and forensic investigation
  • recycling activities support to assure critical materials supplied are fit for purpose
  • internal process, system, work instruction and procedures guidance
  • ISO 9001 certification of internal business activities
  • quality management contracts and procurement support.

We deliver these services in accordance with our Supplier Quality Assurance Policy Statement 2011 (PDF). This details the procedures and practices that our materials and product suppliers must comply with as a minimum.