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Residential property

We are the landlord for many residential properties across the country

This includes:

  • garden and amenity land
  • small commercial lettings
  • private residential parking spaces
  • temporary rights of access
  • existing tenants.

If you are an existing tenant and have a query relating to the terms of your agreement, please contact us by telephone on 0800 830 840 or email property@networkrail.co.uk.

New tenants

If your property is adjacent to Network Rail owned land, and you would like to rent or buy land to extend your property, there are a number of things to consider.

  • Network Rail’s regulatory obligations mean that is rarely possible to sell land or offer long leases for garden extensions – it is more common to offer short-term agreements that can be ended with little notice.
  • Network Rail generally will not grant new garden tenancies in areas where no similar agreements exist.
  • In general, permanent structures cannot be constructed on land that is leased for parking or garden use.
  • Where agreements are offered, rents will be quoted based on a variety of factors, including the value of the house or property that will benefit from the agreement and it is not therefore possible to estimate the likely rent without undertaking some initial research first.
  • Agreements will be subject to the payment of up-front fees to cover legal and other preparation costs.
  • Network Rail will not generally grant new agreements for water, sewerage or gas pipes, or electricity cables. From experience we have found that it is much better for both homeowners and ourselves that the local utility company undertakes this work, and we are happy to accept applications directly from utility companies for this purpose.

If you wish to make an enquiry, please complete our enquiry form.