Renting amenity land

Renting land from us

We manage a small portfolio of agreements for amenity land, consisting of:

  • land for gardens and amenities
  • signs and advertising
  • access and parking

Applications for private utilities, services or telecommunications infrastructure that crosses railway land should be referred to your nearest statutory provider.

If you are looking to rent a space for your business, please visit Commercial Lettings.

New rental enquiries

All our land is classed as operational estate. We are unable to enter into any agreement for its use unless there is no railway use.

To establish this, we need to make an application through an operational approval process to ensure the land can be rented.

If you are interested in renting land from us, the following processes will apply:

  • You will need to complete an application form.
  • An operational approval process will determine if land can be rented – there is no guarantee consent will be granted.
  • If land is operationally approved for rental, we will prepare a report and valuation.
  • Agreement of terms with customer.
  • Periodic licence agreement begins once terms agreed.

All licence agreements are offered with no security of tenure, and may be terminated at short notice should the land be required for our railway statutory undertaking.

How long does the process take?

It is anticipated that a typical application to rent premises will take a minimum of four months to complete. We can offer no guarantee that consent will be granted at the end of this process.


Prospective licensees are required to pay our fees in advance. All fees are non-refundable.

Minimum fees (plus VAT)*:

  • consultation fees £750
  • surveyor fees £250
  • annual rental minimum figure £500 (subject to valuation)

*Fees are indicative and may vary case-by-case.

Make an enquiry

If you are interested in the possibility of renting amenity land from us, please download and complete an application form and email it to