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Catering for 4.5m rail journeys every single day, while simultaneously delivering an ambitious, multi-billion pound Railway Upgrade Plan focused on renewing and upgrading 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges and viaducts, thousands of signalslevel crossings and stations (the largest of which we also run), means we have a wide-reaching impact and the work we do is extremely newsworthy. 

Every week, we'll highlight just a few of those interesting news stories.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Bridge strikes campaign

Rail Advent and Global Rail News reported on our campaign to reduce our £23m annual bridge repair and compensation bill. It said the number of bridge strikes reached a five-year high across the network last year. There are about 2,000 railway bridge strikes a year, with each costing more than £10,000 for repairs and compensation to train operators for delays caused. Compensation costs Network Rail up to £13m a year, but the true annual cost is estimated to be up to £23m, once we take into account the value of undelivered goods, lost productivity from train delays and road congestion.

Efficiency savings

Global Railway Review ran a story on how Network Rail’s recently opened High Output warehouse near Nottingham would lead to about £1.6m of efficiency savings. Storing spare parts centrally and in better conditions will make it easier for teams to find the pieces they need and prevent spares being scrapped.


Bank holiday travel

The Independent covered our August bank holiday improvement works. It highlighted Euston station would be closed for three consecutive weekends to enable a vital replacement of a junction at North Wembley. Martin Frobisher, managing director for Network Rail’s London North Western route, said: “There is never an ideal time to shut the railway but these three weekends are the least disruptive times to do it. It’s vital the track at North Wembley is replaced to continue to safely meet the huge demand of passenger and freight rail services on the West Coast main line. This work will result in better, more reliable journeys in future.”

Greater freight power

Global Railway Review also reported on the Great North Rail Project’s £18m investment in longer freight sidings in the East Midlands. It said the investment would enable longer freight trains to use the network, providing an economic boost for local quarries and construction projects.

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