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Network Rail is always in the news.

Catering for 4.5m rail journeys every single day, while simultaneously delivering an ambitious, multi-billion pound Railway Upgrade Plan focused on renewing and upgrading 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges and viaducts, thousands of signalslevel crossings and stations (the largest of which we also run), means we have a wide-reaching impact and the work we do is extremely newsworthy. 

Every week, we'll highlight just a few of those interesting news stories.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Flying high

Network Rail took BBC London cameras up in a helicopter to show how we use thermal imagery to tackle problems on the mainline between London Waterloo station and the South coast. The team explained how they were able to identify hot spots where the electrical equipment was overheating - something track workers on the ground may be unable to spot. They added the aim was to fix issues before they became severe enough to cause disruption.

Children misuse level crossing

The Daily Mail, The BBC, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Metro, The Daily Express and The Daily Star covered images released by Network Rail and the British Transport Police showing children sitting, lying down and playing on a level crossing in Rutland. Vicki Beadle, community safety manager at Network Rail, said: “The railway isn’t a playground. We urge parents to speak to children about how to keep safe when using the railway. A split-second decision can have life-changing consequences, not only for those involved but also family and rail workers.”

Artwork on the network

The Evening Standard reported Network Rail had teamed up with a street artist to transform London’s historic railway bridges into pieces of art. Lionel Stanhope had completed an emerald green sign at Lee train station - of which the Standard included a photograph - while he had also completed work at Herne Hill, Brockley, Nunhead, Forest Hill, Hither Green and Catford.

Forth bridge

Jobs surge for Scotland

The BBC and PA Newswire reported that more than 300 jobs would be created as part of plans to upgrade Scotland’s railways. Network Rail said it would recruit 200 new staff as part of infrastructure improvements, while ScotRail said it would advertise more than 100 new jobs as it prepares for the introduction of new trains and extra services.