Edinburgh Waverley: designing the future for passengers

Scotland’s second-busiest railway station is set for evolution.

A public consultation has just launched for a master plan that will shape its long-term future – for passengers and the economy.

It comes after footfall at Edinburgh Waverley has more than doubled in the last 10 years to more than 24 million. Estimates suggest this figure will more than double again to more than 49 million by 2048.

Led by Network Rail and City of Edinburgh Council, the master plan will consider:

  • The growth anticipated at the station
  • The impact of city centre developments
  • Urban planning trends
  • How to enhance Edinburgh Waverley to support the future success of Scotland’s capital city.
Edinburgh Waverley

It’s a significant process for the station, which opened in 1846 and was rebuilt between 1892 and 1902. Waverley is vital to the country’s economic success, by delivering capacity for new rail lines such as the Airdrie-Bathgate rail link and Borders Railway, and supporting the Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvement Programme and the Intercity Express programme.

The public consultation – from Monday 25 March to Friday 26 April – will:

  • Mark the start of a formal consultation process
  • Begin a conversation with funding bodies, stakeholders and station neighbours
  • Work within the parameters of a wider city centre strategy
  • Deliver a master plan which takes into account the forecast growth in rail passenger number
  • Review options for the future development of the station
  • Offer a preferred option
  • Suggest options to raise funding for any proposed developments
  • Set out a ‘roadmap’ for approving and delivering station improvements.