Volunteer profile: Josh

Delivering a careers orientation day.

I’m Josh...

josh ward volunteer profile

I’m a graduate on the IT and Business Services scheme within Route Services, currently working on transformation activities across Network Rail to improve the way we deliver upon our day to day promises for our customers.

As a recent graduate I have experienced first-hand how difficult gaining work experience can be, and the pressures young people face when entering the world of work after full time education. It was this experience that drove me to engage with Barnardo’s - Network Rail’s Charity of Choice.  

What did I do?

I volunteered with fellow graduates Nayan and Rob to deliver a careers orientation day. This was divided into morning workshops on career prospects, CV advice and interview etiquette and an afternoon of mock interviews to give individuals an opportunity to test their skills in a safe and supportive environment.  

What did I give and get?

Through workshops I built upon personal experience to provide advice and support to individuals, signposting them to useful material that can assist in the search for employment. The focus was to provide an employer’s point of view to the recruitment process and to build confidence in the individual’s own ability.

I found inspiration in the work ethic and positive attitude of the young people on the programme that – through no fault of their own – have been let down by the traditional education system. I also gained a greater appreciation for certain things I previously took for granted.  

What have I learnt?

There are so many opportunities for people to support and encourage each other through community initiatives such as Barnardo’s “Second Chance” programme. The value that ‘ordinary’ people can provide by sharing their experiences and advice with those in need is massive, and much more can be done to support young people on their career journeys.