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Welsh Baccalaureate

We've worked closely with teachers and students to develop resources to support the Rail Safety Community Challenge

This forms part of the WJEC Welsh Baccalaureate qualification framework.

Why choose the rail safety community challenge?

  • Relevant to your community.
  • The potential to save lives in your local community.
  • Ready-made, easy to use, multimedia and interactive resources.
  • Railways are an important part of Wales, and 27 per cent of the track in Wales will be electrified by 2020 making it a current topic reflected in local news in a number of locations.

Facts about the
railway in Wales

  • Carries 26 million passengers each year.
  • Runs over 1,300 train services per day.
  • Covers 1487 miles of track, almost 3000 bridges and more than 1100 level crossings.

Multimedia resources

Crossing Over film

This six minute film combines a reconstruction with an interview with Tina Hughes, whose daughter Olivia was killed at a level crossing in 2005. It is suitable for ages 12 plus.


Real life story videos

Thought-provoking real life stories about incidents on the railway. You may wish to review before showing to the class.

Leighton and Sammy

Leighton's girlfriend Sammy died after tripping while taking a shortcut across the railway.



Railway staff and British Transport Police share their view of the impact of a death on the railway.


You can find further videos on our Welsh Baccalaureate and Staying safe YouTube playlists

Teacher resources

Our resources are designed with teachers in mind. The introductory PowerPoint presentations come with a supporting teacher’s guide, to lead you and your pupils through the quiz questions, slides and film clips. There are also lesson plans and accompanying worksheets available to download. You can select the topics appropriate to your area or cover a combination. Welsh materials coming soon.