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Having a few festive drinks?

Take care around the railway and get home safely

Every year there is a spike in alcohol-related incidents on the railway during the festive period. People momentarily forget the risks because they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Campaign poster for being more careful when you've been drinking.

It comes as no surprised that after the coronavirus pandemic cancelled most of 2020’s festive celebrations, many will want to make up for lost time this Christmas. However, it's important for anyone who is intoxicated to behave safely around the railway and reduce alcohol-related incidents and injuries.

Over the Christmas period, our data shows increases in incidents like:

  • slips, trips and falls in stations
  • risk taking at level crossings by drivers or pedestrians jumping or weaving barriers
  • trespassing and running across the track

That's why we're advising passengers and the public to stay safe around the railway especially after a few drinks by:

  • Standing back from the platform edge, behind the yellow line
  • Taking your time on stairs and escalators
  • Walking – not running
  • Staying off the railway tracks
  • Using level crossings safely
  • Speaking to staff if help is needed.

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