Stay safe around the railway or you might regret it.

This Christmas, in partnership with British Transport Police (BTP) we are running a campaign that encourages members of the public to think about how unsafe behaviour through alcohol consumption around the railway could lead to more than the usual drunken regrets.

Every year we see a spike in alcohol-related incidents on and around the railway, especially:

  • slips trips and falls in stations
  • risk taking at level crossings by drivers or pedestrians jumping or weaving the barrier
  • taking short cuts across the track.

That's why we're advising passengers to stay safe around the railway especially after a few drinks by:

  • Standing back from the platform edge, behind the yellow line
  • Holding onto the handrail on stairs and escalators
  • Walking – not running
  • Staying off the railway tracks
  • Using level crossings safely
  • Speaking to staff if help is needed.