Getting your friend on their train safely. That's being a First Class Mate.

This Christmas we are working with British Transport Police (BTP) and Drinkaware to encourage party-goers to be a First Class Mate by getting their friends on their train safely after a night out.

During the festive period there is a sharp increase in the number of alcohol related incidents on the railway as people go to work parties or catch up with friends and family over a few drinks.

Most rail passengers believe they are taking the safe option by getting the train home after consuming alcohol. In part this is true however the railway and alcohol can also be a dangerous mix, especially in railway stations.

Alcohol can affect vision and judgement and this can be dangerous in a station environment.

We advise passengers to look out for their mates when intoxicated and stay safe by:

  • Standing back from the platform edge, behind the yellow line
  • Holding onto the handrail on stairs and escalators
  • Walking – not running
  • Staying off the railway tracks
  • Speaking with station staff if you need help
  • Texting British Transport Police on 61016 to report an incident.
21 People killed due to alcohol-related incidents over the last 10 years

We understand that at this time of year, people are out having a good time and having a few drinks but we do see an increase in the number of incidents fuelled by alcohol. The ask is simple – look out for your friends and colleagues getting the train home if they’ve had a few too many. Speak to a member of station staff or British Transport Police if needed.

Becky Warren, inspector, British Transport Police

Tips for staying safe

To find out more information and guidance on how to stay safe when drinking please visit the following pages on

Christmas is a time when many people find themselves drinking more than they normally would. That’s why it’s vital that we all look after ourselves and each other on a night out

Elaine Hindal, chief executive, Drinkaware

Resources and social media

Download the poster and share with colleagues, friends and family to support the campaign:

Be a first class mate poster

Follow the campaign on social media using the hashtag #FirstClassMate