repairing the railway line damage due to heavy seas and storms at Dawlish

Our work near you

Improvements to the railway near you – and why we’re making them

Britain’s railway is one of the safest in Europe. To keep it that way and meet the needs of passengers and businesses we carry out repairs and improvements day and night.

Many bridges and other parts of the rail infrastructure were built 50 to 150 years ago, so they need to be maintained. Sometimes we have to rebuild structures such as bridges and tunnels to meet the modern needs of the railway. For example, replacing bridges so that they’re high enough for the overhead line equipment needed for electric trains to run, and installing overhead line equipment across the network.

We plan work so that it causes the least disruption to our lineside neighbours. Unfortunately, there will always be times when disruption is unavoidable. We ask for local people's patience as we maintain and modernise the railway near them.

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We aim to keep communities updated on our plans in order to minimise the impact for everyone living and working nearby.

Why we plan work at weekends and on bank holidays

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