Network rail and lineside neighbour talking outside house

Lineside neighbours

We care about how our work on the railway affects the people who live and work nearby

Britain’s railway is more popular than ever. Passenger numbers are growing by six per cent a year, which means they are set to double again over the next 25 years. Because more people are choosing to travel by rail, we need to improve the network.

We don’t operate trains, but we do make sure they can run safely and reliably, through our work to maintain and improve the railway infrastructure.

This work isn’t only about engineering. It also includes lineside maintenance, such as repairing fencing and managing trees and other vegetation that could affect train services.

With five million homes either backing on to or facing the railway, and 22 million people living or working less than 500 metres away, we understand our responsibility to minimise noise and inconvenience for our lineside neighbours while we’re carrying out enhancements and maintenance. But the nature and scale of our work means disruption is sometimes inevitable.

Keeping you informed

We plan general maintenance or engineering works in advance. This allows us to give you as much notice as we possibly can, though sometimes we do need to make repairs at short notice for safety reasons.

Whatever the type of work, if you have questions or complaints of any kind about what we’re doing near you, please get in touch with us. We will always listen to any concerns and will fully investigate complaints or reports of inappropriate behaviour.

Our code of conduct

Whether it’s our own teams, or the contractors we work with, we expect a consistent level of care and consideration to be shown to our lineside neighbours. So we’ve introduced a code of conduct that describes how we expect employees and contractors to treat customers and communities with politeness and respect.

Our work near you

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Buying property next to the railway

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Employee and contractor behaviour

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Vegetation management

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Litter and fly-tipping

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Working by the railway

If you’re planning works near the railway, we’ll help to ensure you don’t encounter any issues

Noise and vibration

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Vandalism and trespass

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