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General management scheme

The difference is you - A career as bright and unique as you are

Our general management scheme for graduates

Who you are

You’re a people person with a creative flair for solving problems. With excellent analytical skills, you’re adept at understanding and interpreting data and presenting it in a clear, informative way. You’ll demonstrate the leadership skills, drive and determination of a future senior manager. You’re flexible and prepared to move around the organisation, grasping every opportunity to develop yourself and your career.

How long is the scheme?

One year

Where you’ll be based

Opportunities are available across Britain, at locations including: Birmingham, Cardiff, Derby, Glasgow, London, Manchester, the Midlands, Milton Keynes, Swindon, York, Basingstoke, Plymouth, Didcot, Bristol, Singewell

What you’ll be doing

Roles are available in route businesses, supply chain operations, safety, technical and engineering (STE), and digital railway. You’ll experience the full spectrum of operational route activities through a series of placements, giving you real first-hand experience of how the railway is run as a business.

In route businesses you’ll cover the four main areas of railway operations. You’ll experience key customer and supplier relationships with train and freight operating companies, understand the complex nature of the railway, and find out exactly what it takes to get passengers to their destination safely and on time. Find out more about our routes.

Working in STE, you’ll help deliver a safer, better performing and more efficient railway through placements in risk, business management/quality, and research, development and technology. You might spend time working in a managed station, and will gain specialist knowledge of our functions and the wider business.

In supply chain operations you’ll be involved in supplier meetings, coordinating feedback, resolving issues, producing performance reports and scoping out new projects. Placement opportunities include haulage trains, road fleet, on track machines and materials.

If you end up working in digital railway you could help shape the future of Britain’s railways. You’ll contribute to exciting innovative projects and help develop and implement new technologies so that trains can run closer together without supervision.

Entry requirements

2:2 in any degree subject

What opportunities are available at the end of the scheme?

Previous graduates have gone on to management roles in a number of functions, including Safety, HR, Station Management, Performance, Finance and Operations.

Why you should choose this scheme

This is a flexible scheme that enables you to choose placements based on your interests and ambitions. Throughout the year, you’ll gain a great all-round knowledge of how Network Rail works, opening up a variety of opportunities for your future career with us.

Network Rail is an incredible place to work, something I didn’t quite appreciate before joining. Whatever your strengths and passions, there will be a job for you somewhere on the railway. The variety and breadth of what we do means there is always something new to try and difficult challenges to resolve.

The comradery and teamwork within the industry is impressive and endeared me to the company during the interview process. One of the unique things about working for a public company is the great sense that everyone is working for the betterment of the railway network rather than the benefit of shareholders or the stock market.

Rory Jee