Bish bash bosh: 4 sorry lorries

Check your size before you drive – don't chance it. Five road vehicles collide with rail bridges every day, costing around £13,500 every time.

Every year, bridge strikes cost the UK taxpayer around £23m!

It’s easy to become distracted when driving, but you can avoid being on course for collision by knowing your vehicle’s measurements when you set off and planning your route in advance to avoid bridges that are too low.

Don’t truck up like these drivers... truck on! 

Oversized lorries hit rail bridges five times a day causing misery for hundreds of thousands reveals new campaign

1. In a scrape


Blindly optimistic or just headstrong? Neither lorry nor bridge gets away from this unscathed, but luckily the driver filming on his dashcam stopped to call the police.

2. Hit and miss


It’s second time lucky for this driver, who seems to forget their trailer, or doesn’t spot the different height signs on the bridge. It’s also a narrow escape for the train passing over the bridge just as the lorry hits...

3. One hit wonder


This driver digs themselves into a hole with their heavy load. Don’t try it for size!

4. A load off their mind


Whoomph, there it is! Who knows how this lorry found itself in such a tight spot? Remember to consider your vehicle’s height when reversing too.

And if you do hit a bridge...

If your vehicle does strike a railway bridge, report it to us straight away by calling the telephone number on the identification plate fixed to the bridge. No plate on the bridge? Then report the strike to the police on 999.

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