Always On: electrification safety campaign

A new safety campaign advises of the risks of the electrified railway.

Overhead wires and supporting steel masts deliver electricity to trains at 25,000 volts – an enormous, lethal amount of power that’s a risk to anyone who trespasses on the railway.

With this in mind, the LNE & EM route have launched the Always On electrification safety campaign along the route of the Midland Mainline to raise awareness among people living and working nearby.

The line from Bedford via Kettering to Corby is being electrified as part of the Midland Mainline upgrade so that fast bi-mode trains with increased seating can run on the route.

What happens if you receive an electric shock

The team have been delivering interactive and engaging safety workshops at local schools for the campaign. You can find out more by clicking the button at the bottom of this post.

Staying safe

There is no danger from electrified lines to anyone as long as people use the railway correctly and respect the railway boundary – a secure fence line that protects both people and the operational railway from deliberate or accidental trespass.

If you live or work alongside the railway near to electrified overhead lines be extremely careful when using equipment such as ladders and cranes – or any object that could encroach onto the railway and put you or others at risk.

Trespass on the railway is a criminal offence

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