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  • Waterloo station balcony

    Our work to improve London’s major stations includes introducing balconies for shops and food outlets, to create more space on the main concourse

  • Waterloo balcony


    A better experience for passengers

    In 2012 we opened a first-floor balcony for shops and restaurants at Waterloo – Britain’s busiest station over 90 million passengers a year.

    The 220m balcony runs almost the full width of the station. Its presence frees up space on the concourse that was previously used by retail outlets, which reduces crowding. Passengers also benefit from the balcony’s attractive facilities before and after their journeys, plus more seating on the concourse itself.

    Easier access to Waterloo East

    The four new escalators to the balcony, along with a redesigned route for disabled passengers, make it easier for people to get to Waterloo East station from the main station. Together, these two stations are used by more than 300,000 passengers a day. This new access route removes a serious bottleneck for people who need to go from one to the other, particularly during rush hours.

    Better facilities

    With 14 new shops and restaurants on the balcony, passengers have a much wider choice of places to shop, eat and drink in comfort. And those in a hurry can still buy a coffee or a newspaper on the ground floor before catching their train.

  • Timeline

    Waterloo station balcony Timeline

    1  Spring 2011 – Shops in the middle of the station removed.

    2  Summer 2011 – Work to build the balcony starts.

    3  April 2012 - the escalators to the balcony come into operation, making it easier to access Waterloo East from the main station. For disabled passengers, a new route through the station to Waterloo East is created.

    4  Summer 2012 – The balcony and first 10 retail units open.

    5  Autumn 2012 – Official opening of the balcony, with all 14 retail units open.

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