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  • Transparency

    For us transparency is about being a more open, honest and accessible company.

  • We believe that being transparent both in how we work as a company and how we work with our stakeholders is integral to our success as a business and that’s why it’s one of our main themes in our strategic business plan for the next five years.

    We know that being more transparent will help us become a more efficient and responsive organisation, and make us more accountable to our stakeholders. We’ve made a start but we recognise that there is more to be done and we are committed to making transparency part of everything we do.


    If you have suggestions about how we can improve the quality of the information on these pages please email us below:

  • Open data

    Opening up the real-time data feeds from a number of our operational systems has enabled developers to create apps which give the public a greater choice about the way they travel.

    Learn more about our data feeds

    Proactive publication

    As part of our existing transparency commitment we publish new information four times a year.

    The type of information we’ve previously published include details about our level crossings, executive directors’ expenses and a breakdown of our annual expenditure.

    View our published information
  • Newsletter

    Keep up to date with our work by signing up to our quarterly transparency update.

    Sign up for our quarterly transparency update

    Open culture

    Our open culture work supports our people to make transparency an integral part of how we do business.

    Learn more about our open culture
  • Challenge panel

    We set up the panel to help increase our accountability and support us in achieving our goals.

    Learn more about our challenge panel

    Stakeholder debates

    We hold bi-annual stakeholder debates, which give us the opportunity to have open conversations with a wide audience about the progress and impact of transparency.

    Learn more about our stakeholder debates