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Information for parents

Rail Life safety guide (250)As a parent, it’s natural to worry about your child’s safety. Depending on the age of your child, their interest in rail safety and level crossings is likely to vary.

Younger children are often fascinated by trains and can be receptive to straightforward safety advice. Teenagers may prefer to be given the facts and then encouraged to think through the consequences of making a split-second decision which threatens their own, or others' safety.

Fact sheet

This fact sheet gives you practical advice on how to advise your child about staying safe around level crossings.

Parent’s fact sheet on level crossings safety 

Further details about using different types of level crossing can be found in the Level Crossing User Guide, downloadable below.

Rail Life Safety Guide

The Rail Life Safety Guide provides useful information about rail safety issues such as the electrified rails and overhead lines, trespass and vandalism as well as level crossings.

Rail Life Safety Guide 

Using level crossings

The things we need to think about when using a crossing depend on what type of user we are. We may drive over level crossings, be on foot, a cyclist or a horse rider. Check these four examples in our online guide to see how to use level crossings safely.


Last updated 24 June 2014