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  • Control Period 5 Delivery Plan

    We published our plans for Control Period 5 on 31 March 2014

  • These are our plans to deliver a better railway for a better Britain during Control Period 5 (April 2014 - March 2019).

    For an overview of our plans see our website Better Railway and accompanying publication.


    CP5 Delivery Plan

    What we will deliver over CP5. This forms the 'contract' against which the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) will measure our performance. It is also intended to assist train operators, funders and stakeholders to plan their businesses with a reasonable degree of assurance in CP5. The Scotland KPI package is part of the plan.

    Update on 25 March 2015

    Our programme for the five year CP5 period includes some 5,000 projects and, in some cases, our plans are evolving to reflect delivery challenges as well as the strong growth in passenger and train numbers that we continue to see.

    We are currently updating our Delivery Plan in response to the delivery challenges and opportunities presented by the strong growth and the needs of passengers, freight users and the wider economy.

    We will be providing a further update on those plans in the summer based on safe and sustainable delivery to meet the interests of customers and funders.

    Delivery Plan for Control Period 5 (1.3 MB)
    Scotland KPI package (50 KB)
    Deliverability review (300 KB)

    CP5 Enhancements Delivery Plan

    This sets out the outputs and milestones for every project and piece of ring-fenced funding through CP5.

    CP5 Enhancements Delivery Plan (Update September 2016) (4.4 MB)
    Governance of innovation and strategic R&D funds letter (3.8 MB)

    Route-level efficiency benefit sharing baselines

    Strengthening the incentive for train operators to support us in reducing our costs.

    Route-level efficiency benefit sharing (REBS) baselines (235 KB)

    Volume incentive baselines

    These give us an incentive to make network capacity available in response to demand from train operators.

    Volume incentive baselines (1 MB) (October 2014)

    Previous volume incentive baselines (100 KB) (August 2014)

    Policy for use of outperformance

    How we propose to use any savings we make in CP5.

    Policy for use of outperformance (105 KB)

    Route criticality

    Sets out which parts of the network are deemed to be in each route criticality band. This is to assist readers’ understanding of the CP5 Delivery Plan which splits our track renewal volumes into route criticality bands.

    Route criticality of the network (100 KB)

    Passenger engagement in enhancements

    Builds on the way in which we communicate and engage with passengers throughout the course of planning and delivering enhancement schemes in CP5.

    Appendix A (100KB)

    Appendix B (100KB)

    Appendix C (100KB)