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We're running more than 100 level crossing safety events across Britain

03 May 2013

Level crossing safety in Britain is amongst the best in Europe. Despite this, nine people were killed at level crossings in the last year* and 453 people were involved in a near miss, either as a pedestrian or a motorist. There were 10 collisions between vehicles and trains and a further 33 vehicles struck and damaged barriers.


*Incident data from 01 April 2012 to 31 March 2013 - complied on behalf of the rail industry by the Rail Safety and Standards Board. 

Where a road or footpath meets the railway there will always be a risk of people misusing a level crossing and we want to reduce the chances of this happening as much as possible. The surest way to reduce risk at a level crossing is to close it, and under our current safety programme we have successfully closed more than 700 level crossings in the last three years.

International Level Crossing Awareness Day is on 7 May 2013

International Level Crossing Day of Action involves a number of partners from road sector, local authorities, railway partners, BTP, local Police forces, European Transport Safety Council, European Railway Agency, Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies, European Rail Infrastructure Managers, European Level Crossing Forum and International Union of Railways.

If we’re not able to close a crossing, we want to raise awareness of how to use crossings safely and the risks associated with getting distracted or ignoring warning signs. That’s why our safety teams are out across the country as part of International Level Crossing Awareness Day to talk to people who use the crossings, listen to any questions they may have and help them better understand what we’re doing to improve safety for them and everyone around the railway.

Removing the risk

We're investing £130m to make level crossings safer by building footbridges, adding new barriers and new technology. In 2009 we committed to closing 750 level crossings by spring 2014 and are well on the way to achieving that goal.

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Rail Life

We have a dedicated youth initiative called Rail Life. Created in partnership with young people it aims to raise awareness of level crossing safety and other rail safety issues. The initiative provides a wide range of resources, ranging from assembly kits to lesson plans, for use in schools and youth clubs.

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