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Take care - trolley trips and post-party tumbles can ruin your journey home

11 December 2012

More than 3,000 people have been involved in slips, trips or falls in Britain’s railway stations, with incidents involving luggage rising by 70 per cent since 2004/05.


Running for a train with high heels, bags of shopping or attempting to carry heavy luggage on an escalator can end up with bruised pride as well as the body, so we're urging people to take care when travelling by rail over the festive period.

“A combination of more people carrying Christmas shopping, trailing wheelie suitcases, wet and windy weather and people travelling late after festive parties, make December a time where we see more people take a tumble. Our station teams are doing all they can to help passengers get home safe including welcoming back our travel champions in London who received such praise for their professionalism and help during the Olympic Games.”

Robin Gisby, managing director for network operations  

We’ll be doing what we can to keep station concourses dry and clean and signposting lifts clearly for those with heavy luggage. Please plan ahead so you don’t end up rushing to catch your train.

Most incidents involved people slipping on the concourse (1,488), falling down stairs (1,120) or on the platform (899), with more than 500 falls on escalators and over 400 people who fell when running. Incidents involving luggage have risen by 70 per cent since 2004/05 with 614 recorded injuries, accounting for a fifth of the total. More than 400 incidents involved a person who was intoxicated.

Last year during December there were 322 incidents, accounting for around 10 per cent of the total. Fridays were the most common day for a slip, trip or fall to occur with more than a third (1,158) occurring between 17:00 and 02.30.

CCTV on YouTube.